professional drying equipment


Headquarter in Freiburg

about DÖLCO

DÖLCO is since the 1960 active on the European market and known for its innovation, revolutionary patents and ideas in the market of dehumidifier and measuring technology. DÖLCO looks back on an over 50 years company history. Today's measuring systems are used to detect leakages and identify humidity around construction building and roofs. DÖLCO remained always faithful to its principles and we give our customers high quality industrial devices for an optimal service endcustomers.With network all over europe we are the market leader in our field.

DÖLCO a company of the BEKATRON Group

BEKATRON is a management holding organization with an interest to invest and buy technology driven enterprises. We are focused on highly innovative companies in the field of medical devices, energy and industry solutions. We do not only offer a safe and sustainable future for the existing enterprise, we furthermore also support with innovation in their technology and processes. Furthermore we will run the enterprises by our-self.